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    Zhejiang Chunhui Intelligent Control Co., Ltd (Same as Chunhui Control) is located at a historical famous city in the south of Yangtze river-------Shangyu city, Zhejiang province, which enjoys convenient traffic and human outstanding earth deities. Shangyu is located at the swale of Yangtze river delta, south of Hangzhou gulf. Huhangyong high way, Shangsan highway and Shaozhu high way in construction have outlet at Shangyu, Multiple units train and Huhangyong speed rail way in construction have stop in Shangyu. It takes only one hour from Shangyu to Ningbo air port, Hangzhou air port and Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, and only 1.5 hours to Ningbo port. What’s more, Shangyu has been selected to be the place for the construction of Jiashao cross-river bridge, which is the further step for Shangyu to connect to Shanghai.
    Chunhui Control is the core subsidiary company of Zhejiang Chunhui group Co., Ltd. After more than 40 years history through thick and thin, Chunhui group, which was established in 1966, is still twinkle and stands tall. Chunhui group publicizes the company culture of “base on diligence, be honest to people, specialty, dedicated, hundreds years of Chunhui” among the employees. We create the company quality and image by the strategy of “strengthen inside quality, set up good outside image”; let the culture principles enter deep into the heart of the staff by the strategy of “internalization in the heart and exteriorization in the action”, and put into practice as well. Change the idea, regulate the behavior and optimize the appearance in order to set up the humanities environment with cohesive force by the strategy of “Influence people by culture, vitalize business by culture”.
    Chunhui control, established in May 1993, is specialized in researching & developing, manufacturing and sales of flow control valve and control system, who is called as the “control valve expert”.
    The products of Chunhui Control involve in the areas of air conditioning parts, parts of auto periphery, fuel dispenser parts, electricity control parts, heating control products, gas pressure regulation control equipments, gas metering control equipments, special equipment ( Pressure tank in Class 1, 2) etc. The main products are including 4-way reversing valve, two-way thermal expansion valve, auto air conditioner thermal expansion valve, hydraulic pressure regulator for ABS, solenoid valve for fiscal computer fuel dispenser, solenoid coil, gas control valve, hydro block, gas pressure regulator, gas flow meter, gas pressure regulation cabinet, gas SCADA system, pressure tank etc.
    With the principle of “high quality, high taste and No.1 of service”, Chunhui has established a long-term business relationship with the world famous companies such as Danaher, Panasonic, LG, Honeywell, Gree, Midea, Gilbarco, China gas, China resources gas, Xinao gas, China national offshore oil corporation, China national petrol corporation, while some of the products were exported to North America (US), Europe (Germany), Turkey, India etc.
    Chunhui control has the standard factory designed and set up according to the international standard, owns advanced manufacturing and testing equipments, which includes gas flow meter standardization center imported from Germany with PTB certificate (uncertainty or accuracy class Ur=0.25%,k=2), heating application lab (key equipments from Italy), three-coordinates measuring instrument with high accuracy, machining center from US, Japan and Taiwan, mistake prevention barcode monitoring system and “U” shape working units have been set up in the assembly line. Most of the products have reached up the annul manufacturing capability of above 5 million sets.
    There are more than 1200 employees and a stable scientific research group in Chunhui control, among which are above 120 engineers which are college or higher level degree, above 50% are the technicians with middle and senior professional title. Chunhui has more than 100 independent intellectual property rights, including above 10 invention patents and original technical innovation. Many research findings have been listed in the National torch plan, National important new product, therefore, Chunhui control has got the government technology award in Zhejiang province. What’s more, Chunhui control has been entitled as the provincial high-tech enterprise, provincial important technical center.
    Depending on the first-class hard ware facilities and excellent talent group, as well as the reasonable flow control and information flow,  Chunhui control can respond to the market very quick, and the developing period for a new product becomes faster and faster.
     We believe that in the new stage of 21 century, Chunhui people, who have well felt the Shangyu culture, will continue to dedicate themselves to the company in order to realize the company vision of “Focusing on setting up the most competitive brand both in China and Asia on the areas of air conditioning control, gas heating control, part of auto periphery within the 20 years”.
Tel:+86-0575-82158555 Fax:+86-0575-82158515 extension 0575-82158222 E-mail:zjchunhui@zjchunhui.com  Add: 288 Chunhui industrial road,Shangyu city, Zhejiang province, China